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I'm a twenty-something married girl with a wonderfully creative husband, two fur babies, and a home. Yes, I'm finally an adult; I've got loads of laundry, bills in my mailbox, and dirty dishes in the sink and mommy ain't taking care of any of it. Oh and as for my blog name "Queso Fino"; this blog won't be in spanish although I do speak it quite fluenty... It's just all the good names were taken.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

...To Be or Not To Be...

After much (and I mean MUCH) deliberation, I finally decided it was time to put pen to paper, er fingers to keys, and make this blog happen. I am a girl with many words; words that might make some blush to hear, so I figured I'd semi-anonymously post them on a blog of my own for anyone brave enough to read. 
I'm recently married to my youngin' days crush, trying [again] to conceive, just bought our first home, love to cook but am currently kitchenless and living off a bbq, have two fur babies, an in-law or two worthy of a few backhands, and have a family that with all its drama I adore and they support me in all that I do (even though sometimes I have to convince them to support me). 
I'm not sure what I will be blogging about as this will mostly be an outlet for me, but ANY topic is fair game. Maybe it will jerk a tear, make you giggle, or just raise a brow, but I really do hope you will take this journey with me as I'm sure it will be interesting. 
Oh, and if you figure out who I am, please don't tell my loved ones; we don't want anyone running to me claiming monies for making them famous ;) 

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